Satay Teriyaki


1 lb. small cubes or thin strips of chicken, pork, firm white fish or tiny scallops
2/3 cup Teriyaki Sauce (view recipe)
Pinch each ground ginger and cumin


Marinate meat in 1/2 cup sauce, covered in refrigerator, for 1 hour. Soak 16 wooden 6-inch skewers in water. String meat onto skewers, using 1 ounce meat each. Grill or broil sticks of meat, basting with remaining sauce when turned. Cook until brown. 

Makes 8 appetizer or 4 dinner servings.


Per serving (includes teriyaki sauce): 120 calories, 17g protein, 9g carb, 2g fat (0.5g sat. fat), 45mg chol, 810mg so

Satay Teriyaki
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