Happy Noodle Soup



4 packs fresh or packaged noodles 
4 fresh shiitake mushrooms, medium size
8 slices kamaboko (Steamed fish cake on wooden board), sliced 1/4-inch thick
1 green onion
4 snow peas
1/2 cup Mizkan Soup Base
3 1/2 cups water


Clean and cut off stem portions of mushrooms and cut the rest in half. Microwave sliced mushrooms for 1 minute.  Set aside.  Wash green onion and slice it into 1 inch length.  Set aside.  Parboil snow peas in salted boiling water for a couple of minutes, drain and set aside.

In a large pot, mix 3 1/2 cups water and the Mizkan Soup Base
and bring to boil.  Add softened mushroom slices, kamaboko slices, and cut green onion. Bring it to boil.

Meanwhile, boil the noodles in a separate bowl until done.  Drain.  Place the noodles in four separate serving bowls and top each with the vegetables and fish cakes to decorate attractively.  Pour the soup broth over it to serve hot.

Serves 4


Happy Noodle Soup
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