Matazaemon Nakano

Even before Yohei created his nigiri-sushi, there had been
Sushi Kiosk in the Ukiyoe
booms" in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) when "hako-zushi" (sushi shaped like a box) and "maki" (rolled) sushi became popular, and shops selling these treats lined the streets. In 1804, a man from Owari (modern-day Nagoya) visited Edo. After hearing all about the sushi boom, perceived a chance to create a demand for his vinegar.

This man ran a sake brewery in Handa, a city on the outskirts of Nagoya. His name was Matazaemon Nakano, and he was the founder of Mizkan. After he returned from Edo, he tried to make vinegar with the by-products of sake brewing. At that time, no other sake brewer had tried to make use of sake by-products, but when Matazaemon attempted it, he finally had success. This was the birth of Mizkan vinegar, and from about 1810, it was shipped to Edo.