Vinegar & Wine Reductions

Type of Product Mizkan Item Number Shelf Stable Mizkan Number
Balsamic Vinegar 3-fold (Kosher) 232106 N/A
Bourbon (Unsweetened) 3-fold 232028 N/A
Cabernet Wine (Unsweetened) 3-fold 232458 N/A
Red Wine Reduction 288052 N/A
White Wine Reduction 288051 N/A
Sweet Wine Reduction 232474 N/A
  • Pack Size is 55-Gallon Drum. Specialty Pack Sizes are available upon request.
  • Refrigerate upon arrival – Keep Refrigerated.
  • Shelf Life: Twelve (12) Months under refrigerated conditions.
*Shelf Stable Products do not need to be refrigerated.