Food Ingredients FAQ

1. Q: How do I order product from the Food Ingredient Channel?
A: You can contact our customer service department at 800-323-4358 and ask for Greg Plomin ext 1339 or Lisa Lancaster ext 1396 or e-mail your request to

2. Q: What types of products does Food Ingredients offer?
A: Food Ingredients offers vinegar products, cooking wines, denatured spirits, reductions, & wine powders. Please see our Products sections under Food Ingredient for our wide array of our great culinary products.

3. Q: What sizes do the Food Ingredient products come in?
A: Food Ingredient offers vinegars, cooking wines, reductions, salted spirits in 55 gallon drums, 330 gallon totes, & tanker trucks. Reductions also come in 5 gallon pails. Wine powders come in 25 lb bags.

4. Q: Do you have product in stock?
A: We have some supply of product in stock but most of the vinegar products are made to order. This provides the customer with the longest shelf life possible.

5. Q: What is the lead time on orders?
A: The order lead time in one week for vinegars, cooking wines, denatured spirits and wine powders . A three week lead time is required on our reductions.

6. Q: How should our products be labeled in the ingredients statement?
A: Food manufacturers, our typical customers, are required to indicate the common or usual name of each type of product used as an ingredient. If a blend of several types of our ingredients is used, all types used should be listed with the product names appearing in order of predominance.