At Mizkan America, Inc., our success comes from over 200 years of rich Japanese tradition.

Our roots go back to 19th century Tokyo, where, in 1804, Mr. Matazaemon Nakano began producing rice vinegar using byproducts from the production of sake (rice alcohol). Little did he know as he sold his vinegar on the streets of Tokyo that he was laying the groundwork for a company that would become the largest vinegar producer in the world.

A Global Vision
Mr. Nakano named his company the Mitsukan Group. In the years that followed, superior products and visionary leadership helped Mitsukan grow and thrive. In the late 1970s Mitsukan expanded from Japan into the United States and began acquiring regional condiment companies. In 1995, in honor of its founder, the U.S. arm of the business changed its name to Nakano Foods, Inc.

The next 200 years
To represent its growing global presence, in 2004 Nakano Foods, Inc. became Mizkan America, Inc., and its parent company became The Mizkan Group Corporation. Today the Mizkan name is respected throughout the world’s retail, foodservice, and industrial channels for Bringing Flavor to Life with its quality vinegars, seasoned rice vinegars, balsamic vinegars, wine vinegars, mustards, jellies, salad dressings, and authentic Asian sauces. Through the acquisition of Border Foods, Mizkan America also provides top quality peppers, tomatillos and enchilada sauces. 

A symbol of quality
The Mizkan mark is a symbol of our continued quest for excellence. The three bars represent flavor, aroma, and consistency. The circle represents the perfect balance of these characteristics in making quality liquid condiments.